Top Tips for an Open House

A good open house event requires some key elements to be successful. At Arnolds Keys we ensure we fully qualify all potential buyers. It is essential that we know buyers financial position and stage of buying (first time buyer | house on the market | currently renting) to make sure we are not just flooding your house with people who cannot afford it or are not in the right position to meet your needs.

  • To avoid any sneaky negativity, we recommend that appointments are staggered, this creates a sense of urgency so people will feel more inclined to put in an offer, but doesn’t allow for group discussions.
  • Always hold an Open House on a Saturday. This maximises the possibility of buyers being available.
  • Allow your estate agent to host the event. We are professionals and know how best to sell your house.
  • Go out! Potential buyers can be put off asking key questions by having the present owners following them around

If you would like to discuss marketing your property or would like a FREE market valuation then please contact us and we will arrange for your local property expert to come and have a discussion with you.