Boiler Breakdowns

At this time of year, when external temperatures are falling below 0, we start to see more and more boiler / heating related issues. If your boiler breaks down during periods of extreme cold it could be that the condensate pipe is frozen and blocked by ice. Where possible, you can easily resolve this by applying a little warm water. Please refer to the following advice from Worcester – Bosch

How to defrost a frozen condensate boiler pipe

You may be able to thaw frozen condensate pipes.

Thawing your condensate pipe.

  • Use hot water – not boiling – heated by a kettle or a microwave and pour over the end of the pipe where it is frozen using a suitable container like a watering can.
  • Hold a hot water bottle or heat wrap around the condensate pipe.
  • Once the pipe has thawed you should re-set your boiler by holding in the re-set button for 10 seconds and wait for the boiler to re-fire.


  • Never attempt to thaw a condensate pipe above waist level, or disconnect the condensate pipe in order to do so.
  • Never attempt to access the condensate pipe or any other pipe work within the boiler.
  • Beware of ice on the ground that will form from the water you have poured.


If the above does not work then please call: 

  • 09:00 - 5:30 Monday to Friday | 09:00 - 12:30 Saturday: 01603 216812
  • Outside the above hours please reference the emergency contacts section.