Property Management

Arnolds Keys manages an extensive portfolio of properties ranging from multi-tenanted office blocks through industrial estates to shopping parades and retail buildings.

As part of a full-service commercial property practice, our Property Management department can draw on a range of highly-qualified and extremely experienced skills to offer commercial landlords every possible service they might need to effectively manage their portfolio.

We regularly inspect all the properties under our management to ensure that the tenants are abiding by the covenants of their lease, and that health and safety arrangements are being observed.

Rent Collection
Probably the most fundamental issue with property management is to ensure the prompt collection of rents from the tenant, and that these are forwarded to clients quickly when they fall due.

Service Charges
One of the most contentious issues between landlords and tenants can be the administration and collection of service charges. We pride ourselves on providing value for money for tenants, so as not to burden them unnecessarily with extra costs.

Insurance Collection
Once we have received demands for insurance premiums from the client, we invoice tenants for the premiums as quickly as possible.

Rent Reviews and Lease Renewals
We actively look to maximise the rent for our landlord clients, and ensure that the terms of the lease renewals are agreed to maximise the capital value of the property for the client.

Health & Safety
We ensure that all appropriate audits and assessments under existing and forthcoming legislation are obtained.

Why Choose Arnolds Keys?

  • Experienced team led by a qualified Chartered Surveyor
  • Full range of commercial property management services
  • Backed by full range of property services in-house


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