We are pleased to announce that Darren Neave is now undertaking a new role within Arnolds Keys. Darren’s title is now Residential Associate and he will be stepping up to take increased day-to-day responsibility for strategy and performance in Residential sales, to support Clive as Residential Partner. This is a brand new role and Darren will be spending a good deal of time with each office to ensure that each team is best placed to meet their clients wishes and exceed their budgets for the year.

We are also pleased to announce that Tom Amis has been promoted to Assistant Manager of the Norwich residential department. In the last two years Tom has developed his role as a lister to become one of the firm’s top performers in converting marketing appraisal opportunities to instructions. As Darren moves into his wider reaching role, Tom will be taking increased responsibility for the  day to day running of the Residential sales department in Norwich and motivating the team. Furthermore, as he develops his listing skills further,  Tom will promote and strengthen our position in the City.

Commercial Agency

Rob Flint, two time winner of the prestigious Estates Gazette award for 'Deal maker of the Year' will be taking over the responsibility for commercial agency, this is a natural progression for Rob and a fine example of our policy of recruiting from within. He will be fully supported by the commercial team and the department will continue to flourish.